Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas at Kia Ora Mini Farm, Gorey, Co.Wexford

We arrived @ Kia Ora Mini Farm in the early afternoon and were met by Maura and here team in the Mega Festive shop and restaurant. We do this every year but each time it is different. Its dimly lit with loads of lights and decorations for the kids to feast their eyes on.

With admission you also get a voucher for either a glass of mulled wine, tea or coffee. However – the boys just wanted to get going.

When you leave the shop you enter the farm and it’s only a question of what to do first! There’s Christmas music playing to create a nice atmosphere in the background but the boys went straight over to a huge shed which houses a lot of the animals and birds. In here you get to sit and pet various animals from dogs to baby Rabbits, talk to the Parrot (he’ll even talk back) see the guinea pigs, chipmunks and the huge range of other animals. In the adjoining shed you can meet other poultry, sheep, potbellied pigs - Bella and Babe, Charlie the Donkey, Jack and Jill the alpacas, Larry the llama, Posh and Becks the black swans, Eddie & Betty the emus, and loads more.

Of course – it’s always a case of what’s next and that’s not a problem at Kia Ora. Next, after hearing the siren, we boarded the Kia Ora Fire Engine. A brilliant idea and great fun. You get aboard, in what is like a mini bus inside, and carols are played while you take a short spin around the farm. The boys love this bit as they get to sing their favourite Christmas songs while on a REAL fire engine.

Full of Christmas cheer we then decided it was time to visit the man himself. Santa visits are unique here, and its one of the things we love about Kia Ora – the boys pick their own gifts!! On entering Santa’s Grotto we were treated to a brilliant set up – lots of different rooms which showed the North Pole Post Office, The Elves Factory and lots of different, colourful Christmas scenes.

An elf greeted us and invited us to one of the rooms where Santa was waiting to check if the boys had been naughty or nice. He really did seem to have been listening at our house and gave each of the boys some good advice on how to behave in order to get the best presents this Christmas eve.

Presents are all on view and the boys opted for Model Cars and a Paint Your Own Tea-Set. Thrilled with the visit – they said goodbye for now to Santa, and went outside for some more fun.

From Go-Karts to Sand-Pits to a brilliant Maze and even a play frame for the children – energy is the only thing Kia Ora Mini Farm don’t over for a Christmas experience to remember.

Admission is €16 for Children and €7 for Adults and includes Tea/Coffe/Mulled wine for parents and a present for the children – what’s more – you can spend as long as you like.

Opening times are 4-7pm weekdays from now till 21st December and Weekends 1pm to 6pm.

Really recommended by us and we’ll be back next year – for definite.

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